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Flower Subscription

What is a flower subscription?

A flower subscription is a service that allows you to place one order but have multiple bunches of flowers delivered over a period of time. For example, you may want to receive an order of fresh flowers once a month, for 3 months. This would mean you would get 3 bouquets in total, one delivered every month. Our subscription model gives you the option to choose, how often you want your flowers delivered be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for how long you choose, be it 3 months, 6 months or a year.  

There is no need to feel locked into a subscription and you can cancel it at any time as long as your order is not already with our couriers for delivery.  We also give you the option to skip the delivery for whatever reason, so don’t worry if you are off on holiday, you can arrange for a delivery of beautiful fresh flowers to arrive when you get home.

Can I order a flower subscription as a gift?

Yes, we can’t think of a lovelier gift to receive than a regular delivery of beautiful fresh flowers. Simply order a subscription and select the recipient's address as the delivery address. 

How do I pause my subscription?

You can manage your delivery preferences in the ‘Manage Subscription’ section of your account. Please select 'Delivery Schedule' from the options on the left to see a full list of all your upcoming orders.

If you are on holiday, or simply don’t want flowers that week you can select 'Skip' which means that your order will not be processed that week. If you are away for multiple weeks just select 'Skip' for the weeks that you are away. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription please select ‘Manage Subscription’ section of your account. Please select 'Subscriptions' from the options on the left to see a full list of all your upcoming orders. To cancel your subscription simply click on the cross icon beside the product you would like to cancel. You will receive an email as confirmation that your email has been cancelled.

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