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Monstera Leaves

Monstera Leaves, buy this impressive Bill's foliage in 5, 10 or 15 stems.
Monstera Leaves

Monstera Leaves give an impressive focus to flower arrangements and floral displays in the home, office and events.

Monstera Leaves are from the Monstera Deliciosa flowering plant native to tropical rainforests. Deliciosa means delicious referring to the edible fruit on the plant. Common names include fruit salad plant, fruit salad plant or cheese plant.


Monstera have large, leathery and glossy heart-shaped leaves 25-90cm long and 25-75cm in diameter. They can be displayed with cut flowers such as lilies, orchids and hydrangeas or are just as stunning and impactful on their own. The Monstera Leaves in the product image have been styled in the Montrose vase, measuring 25 X 13 cm, which you can add to your order.


Monstera Leaves are available all year round. 

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